Tea Tasting

Tea Tasting

The enchanting art of tea tasting If tea brewing is magic, then tea tasting is an attempt at demystifying the enchanting elements in the magical potion that is tea.  In simple terms, Tea tasting is the art of determining the quality of tea as the taste of tea varies based on the climatic conditions, topography,

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Types of Coffee Beans

Types of Coffee beans Arabica Robusta Green coffee beans

Where Have You BEAN? Coffee has travelled a long distance from its place of discovery in Abyssinia to the Arabian Peninsula across the sea where it was first cultivated for trade and thereby to European countries gradually before it began to be available in every departmental store and inspired the concept of cafes across the

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Types of Tea

Types of tea -Black Green White Oolong Organic Herbal

Tea has been the world’s favourite drink and is loved for its refreshing properties as well as its medicinal value. Tea was a closely guarded secret and considered a heavenly boon in its native place of origin in China before travellers and later on the trading Europeans came to be acquainted with the magic oriental

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Octavius offers one of the largest number of variants of tea in its retail operations. Different types of tea by aroma and flavour, black tea; white tea; green tea to herbal tea; oolong tea and CTC are available. Octavius is a proud owner of one of the best tea plantations in West Bengal.

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