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Immunity-Boosting Mixes

Did you know there’s an easy and delicious way of fighting disease-causing germs? Yes, that’s right! You can now aid all infections and diseases with all-natural, chemical-free immunity booster mixes and herbal tea blends besides the green tea blends. Octavius presents the perfect antidote to your busy life helping you slow down and embrace health.

How does kadha help boost immunity?

A strongly aromatic drink, Kadha is homemade, traditional and equipped with the goodness of medicinal herbs. It helps increase your strength and boost your immune system. It has been used in Indian households since ancient times to cure bacterial infection and flu. Kadha mixes became immensely popular during the COVID-19 pandemic for their healing properties and health benefits.

Octavius brings to you exclusive Kadha mixes for better health and immunity: Tulsi Kadha Powder

Our tulsi kadha powder is a unique ayurvedic blend of special herbs and spices. The herbal mix gives it a rich aroma and a supremely pleasurable flavor which engage your senses with an experience of a lifetime. The holy basil in the powder gives the kadha a soothing and earthly greenish-brown color. Our tulsi kadha powder should be your go-to if you wish to avoid medicines and go the natural way to deal with symptoms of cold, cough and flu.

Turmeric Kadha Powder

Turmeric Kadha is a magical ayurvedic recipe that has been used for decades and passed on to us by our grandmothers. Our turmeric kadha powder is an infusion of rich Indian spices such as dried ginger, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Clove, Black Pepper, Cardamom, Cumin Seeds, Ajwain, Coriander seeds and other herbal spices. It has a warm yellow color owing to the turmeric and has a strong aroma that reminds you of the warmth of home.

Assortment of Herbal Treasure

The wellness and caffeine-free tea collection come with a myriad of health benefits and is made of Indian Ayurvedic ingredients that are known for their medicinal value.

Our assorted collection also consists of a collection of Indian whole spices and exotic ground spices. Packed with the goodness of aroma and flavours, the premium quality never fails to elevate your cooking.

What kind of tea is best for immunity?

Tea is widely popular throughout the world and amongst all types of tea, green tea is consumed on a very large scale. Green tea has been popular among people since time immemorial, owing to its multiple health benefits. It is full of antioxidants and is used to aid multiple illnesses and boost immunity.

A 2020 study by Healthline found that the consumption of a catechin beverage regularly for at least 12 weeks reduced the risk of respiratory tract infections in around 250 healthcare workers. The antioxidants present in organic green tea help your body fight against obesity, low immunity and inflammation. It comes in plenty of flavors such as Tulsi, Pure Chamomile, Tulsi Rose, Tulsi Moringa Mint, etc. that range from earthy and strong to mellow and sweet.

With a blend of herbs, the healthy tea collection at Octavius makes for a tremendously soothing and aromatic cup of heaven. It is highly suited for weight management and immunity boosting. It instantly eases your stress and lifts your mood.

Our wide range of green teas, namely tulsi tea, moringa mint loose leaf tea, and golden sunrise tulsi ginger herbal tea are also assorted with rich and delicately collected herbs and spices. They are packed with amazing healing benefits and advantages that have a prominent effect on your body and mind, enriching your entire life rapidly.

Immunity Tea Collection for Gifting

Octavius’ immunity booster tea collection is the quintessential solution to your busy life and allows you to slow down and embrace the wellness of your health to its finest with its intricate profoundness and delicacy. The caffeine free tea and ultra slim tea range are perfectly suited to being the gifts you’re looking for your loved ones.

Our assorted range packed in kraft boxes are suitable for any occasion whatsoever and provide the utmost quality of health and luxury to those who mean the world to you. Moreover, our gourmet, heritage and Indian spice collection make for the perfect corporate gifts for employees.

Octavius is an Indian tea company that focuses on the true essence of the process of tea drinking while acknowledging the rich heritage of the beverage. We aim at reviving the timeless art of drinking tea with its lavish collection of teas made of herbs and spices handpicked from the most beautiful and visually stunning parts of India. Check out our website for more information.