Octavius presents Darjeeling Second Flush - straight from the gardens to your home

Born in a Bengali family, I know my tea. We as a family used to have tea, like people have water. You would hardly ever find a bong who says no to tea, and so am I. Be it 4 AM in the morning to catch a train or 11 PM in the night with a relative visiting, tea plays an important role in our lives.

I was elated when I received a sample of Octavius Second Flush Darjeeling tea on Friday, for the weather just called for endless cups of tea and pakoras. The packaging is neat, with the sealed packet inside a presentable tin, which makes it a perfect choice for gifting as well. The Darjeeling Second Flush Black tea is characterized by the unique fruity aroma, that comes only from this region - and it was prevalent as soon as the box was opened - there are no words to describe the aroma or the feeling, it can only be felt, and if you like the steeping (not boiling) way of making tea, you will instantly fall in love.

Making tea is an art, most people aren't even aware of. The temperature of the water, the time of steep makes a difference, where the instructions on the pack come handy. Follow these sacredly and you will have a perfect reddish infusion. The famous 'muscatel' note is noticeable - the full-bodied and fruity flavor is prevalent in the initial sips and the complexity prevails as the tea cools down - the transition from woody to fruity can be felt - I enjoyed it without milk, with a dash of sugar, but you can add a spoonful of milk to start with, and get rid of it as you get used to the flavor.

look at those leaves, as good as new!

LMJ International Limited took over Octavius group and Industries Limited, which is one of the most known names in Indian Tea History. Having over 2400 hectares of tea plantation under their purview, they yield 2 million Kg of tea annually. Octavius is the new range of tea collection introduced - 7 variants and growing.

You can purchase the tea(s) on the site http://octavius.in/ or using the services of Amazon, Grofers and Big Basket.

Author: Abhik Dasgupta

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