Octavius Green tea, refreshing with no bitterness in taste

Dance to the music, cheer up and get rolling! That’s how our Octavius green tea energies you to enjoy every moment with your friends. That’s what an author feels about this tea. He tastes it and likes it!

To read out what the writer has to say check below:

Popular in Japan and China, green tea is slowly gaining popularity in the rest of the world because of its health benefits. Unlike other teas, green tea is quickly preserved and heated to prevent oxidation. Oxidation is the same natural process that turns the colour of an apple after you slice it, as it’s exposed to oxygen. It is due to this difference in processing that green tea retains the maximum antioxidants and polyphenols that are responsible for its many health benefits.

Summary : This tea will not overwhelm you with flavor. Instead, this tea is exceptionally light, both in taste and color, yet the flavor is very pleasant with absolutely no bitterness. A good tea for people who don’t like stronger green teas.

This Green Tea is definitely unique. I will give full credit to http://www.octavius.in for coming up with a new and unique taste for a green tea. While the world is full of interesting flavorings and such in green teas, there was just something, well, very different about this particular green tea. So different, in fact, I’m having problems describing exactly what that is!

So let’s start with the leaves. When you first pop the top of the tin the tea is packaged in, you are greeted by a very light, somewhat sweet fragrance. In some ways, the aroma reminded me a bit of ginger…but not quite. There was also a hint of mint in the fragrance, too…but not exactly mint either. And as for the leaves themselves, well, they are sizable…you’ll have lots of fun getting them out of the container and into the infuser without spilling them all over your kitchen floor.

Octavius Green Loose Leaf Tea

Once again, I have to give credit where credit is due, as Octavius Teas really did sum up this tea far better than I could. In particular, I found the word “lively” to be quite appropriate for some reason. It is not because this tea has some powerful taste that will make you want to go out and dance to energy music. Instead, this tea sort of says “I’m different than your other green teas.”

Although this tea has an aroma of mint and ginger before brewed, you’ll discover neither of those flavors in the brewed version. Instead, well, you get a unique green tea taste. That is the best way I can describe it…it’s just plain different…and plain good.

Overall, I really recommend this very light flavored and light looking green tea. Especially if you, like me, have been burned by too many bad green teas…like those terrible things you are served in low-grade Chinese restaurants.

To order the same, head to https://octavius.in

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