Instant Premix

Well-crafted chai and coffee premixes, made from natural extracts, that brew the perfect cup in a jiffy

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What’s better than a perfectly brewed cup of tea? A perfect cup of tea that appears in an instant! These instant On-The-Go teas are packed with flavours as they are made from natural extracts of tea (Camellia Sinensis) and are just as aromatic as tea from a kettle! It saves you time and offers you the comfort of an authentic tea, what can beat that! Now you have access to your favourite cup of Chai wherever you might be – office or a vacation spot, just add some hot water to the premix and stir away, your tea is now ready.

Instant Chai Processing

Instant Tea Premixes at Octavius are specially crafted with extracts from the Camellia Sinensis plant, added sugar, and extracts of aromatic spices for that extra taste. The instant premixes are made without compromising on the authentic taste of tea, it tastes just like the one made at home!Instant Ginger tea has the natural ginger extract added to the tea premix which adds the zing of a flavour to it. Similarly, a natural extract of Cardamom is added to the tea premix to add the soothing Cardamom flavour to your Chai.Extracts of Cardamon, Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger, and Black pepper are added to the tea premix to create the popular Masala Chai. These teas are fragrant and combine the goodness of Assam tea, a true aromatic delight.

Instant Chai Flavours

Octavius has an array of instant tea flavours – Instant Masala chai reminds you of home while spicy Ginger gives you the much-needed boost during the middle of your workday. Sweet cardamom can be relished when you are out relaxing or reading a book on a weekend.

How to prepare a flavourful cup?

Making an instant cup of tea is child’s play. Just add the contents of the single-serve premix to 120ml of hot water and stir. Your flavourful cup of tea is ready to be enjoyed! It’s easy to make, carry around and dispose of too. What’s not to love about this!If you are looking for teas that taste like homemade chai but can be me made in a jiffy, look no further! Octavius offers you an array of flavours in the premix range from zesty ginger to sweet cardamom and even masala chai. You can carry your favourite cup of tea wherever you go and have it whenever you want.

Health Benefits

The instant tea premixes contain the natural goodness of tea as they are made from real tea extracts. The added spices lend taste as well as health benefits such as calming your mind and relaxing your body.