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Kadha CTC Chai- 250gm

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    An antioxidant rich tea blend with a vast array of health benefits.

    Black Tea Wellness Immunity Tea


    Loose leaf



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    Product Dimension: L-8cm x B-8cm x H-12cm

    Product Weight: 324Gms


    An exclusive blend of strong, full-bodied & premium Assam CTC black tea with powerful ayurvedic herbs and spices including Tulsi, Black Pepper, Cinnamon & naturally dried Ginger. This tea, when brewed with milk, creates a very flavourful and unique brew with a herbal flavour. With an incredible abundance of antioxidants, this tea blend offers a vast array of remarkable health benefits. Traditional Indian herbs and spices are carefully cut to the size of the tea and are blended with high-quality Assam tea sourced by experts to create a perfectly balanced flavour. This flavoursome blend has 25% spices and herbs and 75% premium tea which instantly makes an excellent brew that can be enjoyed at any time of the day with absolute ease.


    • Naturally strengthens the immune system and enables it to prevent infectious illnesses.
    • Infuses gentle warmth in the body to give you a potent and effective natural formulation and an effective relief from cold, cough, and sore throat.
    • Relaxes the mind and soothes the spirit.
    • The exotic spices in the tea further help in detoxification and weight loss improves digestion and perks up your energy levels.


    Refreshing sweet and spicy aroma of the spices and herbs with the flavor of the fresh black tea, which soothes your senses.

    Tasting Notes

    Aromatic and distinctive with the perfect balance of the spiciness of black pepper and ginger and the sweet notes of cinnamon and Tulsi. This blend, when brewed with milk, naturally creates the perfect cup of tea tasting just like the Indian masala chai with a herbal flavour.


    Stirs up a decadent amber cup of tea.

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    What's inside that
    really matters

    Black Tea


    Black Pepper




    How to steep
    Loose leaf

    Take 1tsp (2g) loose tea.

    Add 180ml hot water(90oC).

    Steep for 3-4 mins.

    Strain & Serve hot.

    Add sweetener as per taste.


    Octavius brings a rich legacy of tea production of more than a century. With years of extensive experience of our expert tea growers, tea blenders and tasters, creating quality tea embodies the essence of our existence. Our founding fathers established Octavius with a noble mission to epitomize the art of drinking gourmet teas and to make available the rare luxury of pure and unblended, single-origin Indian teas to tea connoisseurs across Indian and around the globe.


    • Traditionally Grown

    • From our own Gardens

    • 100+ varieties

    • 120 years of trust