Black tea

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Ritualization of the tea experience

Tea has been a constant source of comfort and healing among the different civilizations of the world since time immemorial. Equipped with amino acids also known as theanine, tea instantly lifts your spirits regardless of the heavy weight you carry on your shoulders and significantly improves your brain activity. This gives you an unparalleled sense of relaxation and ease.  

Amongst all types of teas, black tea is immensely popular among the masses because of its ability to heal allergies and reduce headaches. Full of antioxidants like thearubigins, epicatechins, and catechins, it helps the immune system fight against viruses and secures wins most of the time.

Why does tea make a thoughtful gift?

Whether it be a corporate gift for employees or for a festive celebration among loved ones, it is going to be extremely hard to choose the right gift for your special ones. Worry not! Tea gift baskets, premium tea gifts, and tea box sets are here to make wonderful gift ideas. Let’s find out what makes tea gifting a thoughtful practice.

1. A spirit of invitation

Tea is easily the most common commodity you will find in most households, creating the perfect bonding experience for members of all ages. Tea time evokes happiness and gives people a common medium through which they can interact with each other by starting a stimulating conversation. It is intimate and familial, universal and boundless. It carries within itself the scent of the woods, the freshness of the mountains, the music of chirping birds and the liveliness of nature.

What could ever defeat its position as a gift, then? Not only is tea gifting a cultural practice, but it is also an expression of love at its finest. Specially crafted for the tea connoisseurs of India, Octavius’ collection of teas and tea hampers is set to win uncountable hearts. Not to forget, the relishing taste buds with the magical variety of herbs and assortments are irresistible. Made from specifically handpicked leaves and other ingredients, you will instantly fall in love with the finest tea collection at Octavius.

2. A unique gift for employees

Processed minimally, teas are both enlivening and supremely healthy due to the amount of careful consideration that goes into their manufacturing. If you’re looking for corporate gifts for employees, Octavius’ black tea gift sets are the go-to option! It is full of antioxidants, which play a huge role in promoting health and wellness.

Our black tea gift set and green tea gift hampers have abundant health benefits, such as improved digestion and metabolism. This gives you a chance to gift the token of health to your employees with tea gift hampers by Octavius.

3. Brings wellness and comfort

Numerous studies have found that a variety of teas can strengthen your immune system, reduce inflammation, and potentially protect you from cancer and other chronic diseases. There is a wide variety of teas out there and also plenty of evidence that drinking tea on a regular basis might have a long-term impact on your health.

At Octavius, we present to you premium tea gifts in the form of caffeine-free tea boxes. Available in multiple assortments of caffeine-free tisanes, our Festive Collection includes a variety of flavourful brews such as Tulsi Moringa Mint, Tulsi Ginger, Licorice, Pure Chamomile, and Sweet Rose.

4. Promotes mindfulness

While these tea box setsare just perfect for gifting when it comes to the people we love with our entire hearts, they are also impeccable treats you can buy and reserve just for yourself. When you’re having a tiring day that is not treating your mental health in the kindest way, you can brew Octavius’ aromatic teas. The rich taste will allow you to bask in safety and remind yourself that you matter and are loved.

Our Indian tea collection comes in a handcrafted sesham wood box, which makes it easy to carry wherever you go! Similarly, our gourmet tea collection comes in perfectly shaped tins, whereas our special Darjeeling selects in the connoisseurs’ tea collection are packed with teaware and the goodness of exquisite garden fresh whole leaf tea.

Assorted Black Tea Infusions by Octavius

Black is classy and luxe, but also woody and inviting. Moreover, black tea is known as the perfect breakfast tea because it starts your day by bringing out the strong aspects of your personality.

Our diverse collection includes tea assortments such as Assam Black Tea, Indian Masala Chai, Cinnamon Cardamom black tea, Darjeeling tea, Ginger tea, Earl Grey Black tea and special blends of Spiced Assam Black Tea, Cardamom, Ajwain, Fennel and Cloves will make each morning a bit more special.

Enjoy the best of these superb whole-leaf pure green tea, caffeine-free teas, and black tea Chai mixes, created especially for tea fans. Our festive collection, presented in a handcrafted box with teas in lovely glass vials, is ideal for tea connoisseurs. Happy Gifting this festive season!